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Complaints Procedure

There is a format for recording any complaint and it should be followed in the following manner:-

  1. All complaints however trivial are to be investigated and a record kept. The complaints form provides a format for the recording of complaints, subsequent investigations and actions and should be used in all cases.

  2. The majority of minor complaints may be dealt with by the Nurse in Charge, although the Owners are to be kept informed. Check that the complainant has discussed complaint with Staff Nurse in Charge/Owner.

  3. Log complaint in complaints file in writing

  4. Investigate complaint – Investigations should be thorough, impartial and where appropriate, take account of all people involved. Conclusions should never be reached before hearing an independent account from everyone present at any incident

  5. If the Nurse in Charge is unable to investigate a complaint, for any other reason, the Owners should be informed and they will carry out the investigation.

  6. If a complaint remains unresolved it may be passed on to the Care Quality Commission, however this should not usually occur unless internal procedures have been exhausted without reaching a satisfactory conclusion. The Commission will follow their own complaint procedure a copy of which is available upon request. Contact details as follows:-
    West Midlands Region
    Newcastle upon Tyne
    NE1 4PA

  7. Written reply should be sent to complainant if possible within 28 days of receipt of complaint.

  8. Complete form in complaints file.