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Courtyard Clean up!


Here at Maesbrook we have lots of out door space we have the lovely courtyards a pond area and the main garden. Becky, Joy and Jason have been working on the pond area and one of the courtyards to make sure they look lovely for summer, with plenty of help from the residents who have been potting lots of plants to invite the wild life back to the areas. 


Always one to be out in the garden getting stuck in.



Vickie in her favert spot by the residents smoking area lol



This little court yard leads right of Pams bed room. She loved being out there. She talked about how she could hear all the birds and when she use to live on the farm she would dread the pidgin's as she remembers how they would strip all her crops down.


Courtyard 1

I wish i had taken a before photo you wouldn't believe the difference still a few more bits to do but its 100x better.

Pond area

As this is one of our larger out door areas we use this a lot so making sure it is clean and tide for the residents to be out in is a must. Plus its lovely to see the fish.


IMG 20230601 WA0002 1

Out door pond this is lovely but its got nothing on are indoor tank.


IMG 20230601 WA0000

Under water view of some of the fish.


received 163347549866036

Our first visitor caught on camera by Mary what a beautiful dragonfly.


We are looking farward to getting more wild life in the gardens.

IMG 20230601 WA0003 1