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Maesbrooks got moves!


If you have viseted Maesbrook im sure you will have bumped in to Will at some point. This week him and his dance partner Mel put on a wonderful preformence for are residents and it went down a hit there was 10s all round.

Many of the resident said how much it remended them of when they were younger and it was such a a treat for them.

20230706 101045

To start of Will was giving Jackie a demo of how the day was going to go.

IMG 20230706 WA0002

Will and Mel showing us how its done.

IMG 20230706 WA0033

Phil loved watching the two dancing and the wine :)

IMG 20230706 WA0007

Angela was flashing the 10 card.

IMG 20230706 WA0010

Even the staff were watching as Will took the lead with his dance partner.

Press the link to see Will and Mel dancing for the residents


IMG 20230706 WA0002