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Nutrition and Hydration training for our catering team


As part of our ongoing commitment to ensure our staff are up to date with the latest training, two members of our catering team recently attended the CQC Compliance for Nutrition & Hydration Conference in London.

Jamie Thompson, Head Cook and Richard Lacourse, Asisstant Cook travelled to London for the conference which covered all aspects of nutrition and hydration plus essential updates on diet for diabetics. The conference also covered M.U.S.T (Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool)  'MUST' is a five-stepscreening tool to identify adults,who are malnourished, at risk of malnutrition (undernutrition), or obese.

"It was an extemely useful conference and we learned a great deal which we can take back with us and put into action at Maesbrook" explained Jamie. "A lot residents take daily medication and it's critical that we understand how to provide healthy, nutritious meals, whist being aware of any food or drinks that are contraindicated by medication taken, this conference explained the updates on this very well." he continued. 

Our catering team are fully aware of how important it is for residents to maintain their own identity and we always consider their consider cultural and religious needs and how this can sometimes impact on their diet. Allergies are also an important aspect when dealing with the care and nutrition of residents, this conference covered all the possible outcomes and assessment requirements involed in dealing with managing the risks.

We are proud to have such conscentious staff who are keen to learn and develop their careers with us at Maesbrook, so we'll always do our best to make sure they receive the most effective training wherever possible.

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