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Rupert the horse

Rupert has been in to see the residents this week and what an amazing experace they have had. Rupert is a elderly horse who has been going around care homes for years. He loves to come around and gives everyone kisses and plays football. He is so gental and paitent with the residents and definitly made there week. We cant wait to see him again.

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Rupert the horse

Joan brushing Ruperts mane

Rupert the horse

Johanna and her daughter with Rupert.

Rupert the horse

Dot was very shocked to see a hores roming around the lounge.

Rupert the horse

Rupert and his owner Elaine playing pass the ball with the residents.

Rupert the horse

Colin had a suprise when rupert turend up in his bed room.

Rupert the horse

Ann loved a kiss from Rupert.

Rupert the horse

Gill didnt make it to the lounge but that didnt stop her seeing the hores.

Rupert the horse

Family and friends also enjoyed the vist from Rupert.