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Slow but steady week for us all at Maesbrook


So this one is going to start of a bit different. In a normal week at Maesbrook here is what the staff get up to before we can all have fun with our residents and do some activities. So first of we all need to get washed and dressed so 301 in a week followed by some yummy food because who doesn't love a good breakfast. That's a huge 903 meals every week and we keep people comfortable so we provide lots of other support during the day to each of our lovely residents. But when that is all said and done it is time for the fun to begin. We love to get together in the main lounge and have some cheese fruit and wine or a cup of tea. Talking of cups of tea that is a whopping 1505 cups in a week and that's not to mention all the other drinks that are given out. But back to the fun stuff this week we have had Paul back for some lovely singing.


In this vidio link ^ you will hear Paul singing Do you want to dance which was originally sung by Bobby Freeman in 1958.


Shirleys first time meeting Paul and she loved it.


Angela loving the wine well listening to the singer.

Eileen and Renee

Both ladys enjoying cheese and wine with the entertanment


Ann with a big grin on her face as always


Pam looking beautiful in blue. She always enjoys the singers we have in.

I would love to calculate how much wine we get through in a week hear at Maesbrook but I would be a bit worried you would think we have a problem LOL.