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The importance of maintaining mental wellbeing


Promoting positive mental health is also a critical part of what we do here at Maesbrook Care Home in Shrewsbury. We support our residents by providing the right mix of inspiring activities, enjoyable interactions, varied entertainment, privacy when required and the ability to explore new hobbies - each of which play an important role in our residents’ mental wellbeing.

We believe that learning new skills is a key part of keeping mentally active, and we run regular and varied events to stimulate, interest and engage our residents, including cookery demonstrations and classes.

Creativity is widely encouraged and our residents craft lots of useful items, such as knitting and crocheting hats and cardigans for our local neonatal unit, and making fat-balls for the many species of birds who visit our beautiful gardens throughout the year.

To support memory function, residents also take part in quizzes, card games and nostalgia sessions where they are encouraged to share some of their earliest and treasured memories. We also run a poetry corner for residents who enjoy writing and sharing poetry, and provide art materials for those who enjoy painting with watercolours and pencils.

One of the things we find our residents greatly enjoy is regular interactions with animals. As well as encouraging families to bring along pets on their visits, we also organise visits from cats, dogs, Shetland ponies and horses, giving our residents chance to spend time petting and enjoying time with the animals. We even play host to the occasional exotic zoo animal!

Another key part of promoting wellbeing is maintaining regular contact and visits from our residents’ families. We always try to encourage families to bring grandchildren and great grandchildren, and if they live a distance away from our home here in Shrewsbury, we can arrange overnight stays and provide meals for our residents’ families if required.

While we are keenly mindful of the need for privacy and quiet moments, offering plenty of peaceful places for our residents to reflect or enjoy time alone, we also know that social interactions are an important element of supporting long-term mental wellbeing.

There are lots of communal spaces and shared activities designed to help residents enjoy daily interactions and form meaningful friendships, and we enable those more severely challenged to join in with these activities using special equipment to help prevent social deprivation and isolation.

Some of our residents draw great strength from maintaining strong connections to their faith, and we fully respect their rights to worship – or not – exactly as they wish. We arrange visits from ministers from a variety of religious denominations, and monthly Communion is provided at Maesbrook Care Home by the vicar from our neighbouring Trinity Church.

For vulnerable residents who require more focussed one-to-one support, we work closely with our local hospital’s mental health team and can organise tailored sessions as required, monitoring our clients closely to ensure they are fully supported at all times.

To find out more or arrange a tour, please visit or call us on 01743 241474.

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